Valley of the Shadow of Death

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In Israel there is a real Valley of the Shadow of Death. It’s a steep, deep and narrow canyon. The sun only hits the bottom of it when it’s directly overhead at high noon. The rest of the time the bottom of the canyon is dark. David probably led his sheep through the valley of the shadow of death as he was growing up.  Source: Here

I heard this story told at a funeral recently although the speaker embellished it a little more than the above account. I looked around on the internet and after a while found this account on a blog with over 40,000 subscribers! I was intrigued. Where was this valley?


Most of my internet searches for the location of Psalm 23‘s Valley of the Shadow of Death pointed me to the road running from Jerusalem to Jericho.  Here are a couple of examples,

“The Valley of the Shadow of Death is also another name for the road between Jerusalem and Jericho where the good Samaritan helped the man along the way. It was a winding road that was very steep, and shepherds had to take their flocks through it on the way to fields. People would hide in the caves to steal the lambs to eat, so the entire 23rd Psalm was written with this in mind.”

“What is the valley of the shadow of death? I have read that in Israel there is a certain wadi called the Wadi Kelt, which literally means the valley of the shadow. It lies between Jericho and Jerusalem, and is the main route by which shepherds would take their flocks from the Jordan River valley to the hill country of Judea. It has steep cliffs and many caves, and it is easy to get lost there. Bandits would hide in the caves and ambush travelers passing through.”

Many of these accounts also reference Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) which was set on this road.

The Truth:

The opening story is the least common description of The Valley of the Shadow of Death. Interestingly, none of those who tell this story identify the actual location or name of the valley that fits this description. I’ve found nothing to substantiate this account.

The second effort to identify the location of The Valley of the Shadow of Death encounters the same difficulty. None of the explanations that I’ve found cite an ancient source referring to the road running from Jerusalem to Jericho by this name. Yet they all match the road with the name.

At worst this attribution is unsubstantiated, at best, it’s a possibility. Presenting it as a fact seems over confident and misleading. While stating that “the entire 23rd Psalm was written with this in mind” seems irresponsible.

The primary exegetical problem with the quest to find a geographical location is that Psalm 23 is fundamentally a metaphor.

  • God is not literally a shepherd herding sheep. He’s a loving God who cares for His people. Therefore, they shall not want.
  • God does not literally lead his people (or sheep) beside still waters. But he does provide periods of calm in people’s lives.
  • There does not need to be a specific dark valley for us to sense the moments of darkness in our lives, when in some cases death threatens and we feel without hope. We understand that a shepherd would protect his sheep in any valley in which they might sense danger.

In fact, the psalmist immediately abandons the shepherd imagery as he next describes a heavenly banquet.

Any attempt to locate a specific geographical feature arises from focusing upon the word “valley”. Yet the more important word in this title is “death” or “darkness”. However, even this shouldn’t be the focus of the psalm. The psalm revolves around the actions of the Lord. The name Yahweh occurs in both the opening and closing of the poem.

Walter Brueggemann writes in “The Message of the Psalms”,

It is, of course, a psalm of confidence. It recounts in detail, by means of rich metaphors, a life lived in trustful receptivity of God’s gifts. p154



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I'm a Christian Australian living, working and studying in the US. I'm blessed to have Julie as my wife and to minister with the Lawson Road Church of Christ in Rochester, NY.

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  1. Thanku brother I’ve been to the valley 2/7/2017 it is as u said an as our tour guide who on this tour was his 208 th trip n even the mayor of Jerusalem honoured him for this an we were very privileged with him to get pilgrim certificates signed by the mayor..y I’m sayin all this is to encase how good a tour guide pastor rykie is an his explanation of this valley as they descended down is that due to a Clift that’s overlapping the mountain the sun can never shine at the bottom of the Valley I’m only mentioning it n not trying to be the teacher ….hoping to learn much more of it an the LORD give u an sister many protection from all harm an dangers blessing ul n the family….may ur ministry blossom as the deserts of Israel blossom an for any reason u are in southafrica plee welcome to our small but humble church..evangelist Roben Sumar tel 0027 746988169…we will take all care for ull in sa looking foward to hearing from u


  2. Thanks for the insights. I am writing a sermon on Psalm 23 and this is why I came upon your page. Similarly, years ago I began writing a sermon on Matthew 17. I was prompted to seek verification of a description of “Israeli” Mustard Seed as so small it was like a powder. I don’t know where the preacher I heard this from got that info, but I could never verify it. So I not only had to abandon the borrowed illustration, but I had to change my sermon significantly.


  3. KATHLEEN M.Tucker

    Thanks. Another case of needing to be careful– like with the supposed EYE OF THE NEEDLE GATE in Jerusalem. Which apparently doesn’t exist! According to a guy who took a tour of Israel and begged his tour guide to take him to see it. When Jesus told the story, he meant it is literally harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into Heaven. But the PROSPERITY GOSPEL PREACHERS DON’T WANT TO HEAR THAT, I GUESS??? SO SOMEHOW THEY’D RATHER THINK THAT THERE WAS SOME GATE???? AS WELL AS CHOOSING TO IGNORE ALL THE OTHER CONSIDERABLE MENTION OF MONEY IN A NEGATIVE LIGHT, AS WELL. ALONG WITH NEGLECTING TO PREACH THAT WE ARE TO GIVE GENEROUSLY TO THOSE WHO NEED AND ASK FOR OUR HELP– WITHOUT EVEN EXPECTING TO BE REPAID!!!! WHEN JOHN THE BAPTIST ANSWERED PEOPLE’S QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT “REPENTANCE” LOOKED LIKE, HE SAID IT WAS IF YOU HAD JUST 2 CLOAKS, TO GIVE ONE AWAY!!!! NOT WHEN YOU HAVE A CLOSET FULL, GIVE AN OLD WORN-OUT ONE AWAY! ETC. BLESSINGS.


  4. Thanks for insights. I’m doing college unit on hermenutics using Bernard Ramm’s Protestant Biblical Interpretation – thanks for giving me a concrete example of restraint! Kate,Fife Scotland.


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